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What is a CustomCupholder™?
Why should I use Custom Cupholders Company amenity hardware accessories?
What are the advantages of CustomCupholders™ over old-style cupholders?
I need a cupholder deeper than normal.  Can you help?
Your Website shows many renderings of your items, not actual photographs. Why is that?
What products does Custom Cupholders Company offer?
Can I get samples?
Can you send me a catalog of all your products?

What is a

A CustomCupholder™ is a high quality, elegant, hardware amenity accessory that is designed and manufactured specifically for today's modern luxury vehicle interiors.

Old-style cupholders and related accessories that have been on the market for the last 30 years are outdated in design and technology.  Worse yet, they are below today's standards in quality and elegance especially when compared to the overall refinement of a modern luxury vehicle interior.
The CustomCupholder™ product line was developed specifically to fill the need for high quality hardware amenity accessories for use in luxury vehicles.

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Why should I use
Custom Cupholders Company amenity hardware accessories?

The cupholder and associated amenity accessories are some of the most numerous and predominant accent pieces in any luxury vehicle interior.  They are items that are constantly in close view, touch and scrutiny of all the passengers yet are probably the detail pieces most overlooked by designers and installers.

Because these pieces are so closely and frequently examined by passengers they become a direct reflection of the quality and finish level of the interior as a whole.  And when compared to other items in the interior that continually receive notice as quality indicators; items such as the wood finish, carpet and upholstery, the cupholders and amenity accessories are by far the least expensive and easiest items to upgrade.

Whether selected by the owner of the vehicle, a contract designer, or the Modification Facility, a CustomCupholder™ piece will continually make a statement regarding the excellent taste and high quality standards of the specifier or installer.

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What are the advantages of a CustomCupholder™ over an old-style cupholder?

Quality, style and function.
A CustomCupholder™ is the highest quality, most elegant cupholder you can install in your interior.

Each metal cupholder is meticulously machined from aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6) and offers a variety of different rim styles and sizes.  Plus each two-piece unit comes standard with the bottom cup already satin black powder coated, reducing the cost of plating and providing an eye-catching appearance.  If desired, the bottom cup may also be plated in matching or contrasting finishes to achieve an even greater variety of appearances.

Beyond the standard round cupholder we have several high quality, unique cupholder designs such as the "oval rim style", the "Double Collection", and a "mug style cupholder", specifically shaped to hold a coffee mug.

For individuals wanting a very unique look we also offer custom rim styles, shapes and sizes at very reasonable cost.

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I need a cupholder with a custom depth.  Can you help?


With our manufacturing methods we can produce both one-piece and two-piece cupholders in custom depths at very reasonable prices.

With our two-piece cupholders we offer unique spacers that can easily be added to the bottom cup to increase the depth to an almost unlimited amount.  click here for more detail

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Your Website shows many renderings of your items, not actual photographs.
Why is that?

All of the products shown on this Website are real and have been produced and sold to customers.  Or, at the very least, can be assembled from components that are used in other units.

When we aren't able to obtain photographs showing our products in use we use pictoral representations.

In our industry, it can be very difficult to get pictures of our products already installed and/or in use.
Time, scheduling, customer privacy, and the photographic logistics expense all work against us.  By utilizing rendered illustrations we can quickly show what our products will look like when installed.
Plus, illustrations give us the ability to show different finishes and types of installations.

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What products does Custom Cupholders Company offer?

We offer high quality, interior amenity hardware products.  These include cupholders, ashtrays, driptrays and many other custom items.

Our main product line, CustomCupholders™, is available in four high-quality collections.

The "Standard Collection" includes one-piece, single cupholder units in both metal and plastic and in several standard sizes and depths.  We also offer custom sized and designed units in small quantities at very reasonable costs.

The "Premium Collection" includes two-piece, single cupholder units consisting of a separate top appearance rim and a separate satin black finished bottom cup.  Cupholders in this collection are available in many combinations of rim designs, depth dimensions and diameter sizes and for both new installations as well as direct, drop-in replacement retrofits.  Each unit comes standard with a satin aluminum top rim and a pre-finished, black satin powder coated bottom cup.

The "Double Collection" includes one, two and multi-piece, double cupholder units.  Cupholders in this collection are also available in many combinations of cup layouts, rim designs, depth dimensions and diameter sizes.  One-piece units come standard in a satin aluminum finish.  Multi-piece units come standard with a satin aluminum finish top rim and a pre-finished, black satin powder coated bottom cup.

The "Custom Collection" includes many unique and totally custom cupholder units in both one-piece and multiple-piece designs and in varying shapes, sizes and depths.  Many of the custom pieces we have done for clients are not shown on this Website.  So if you don't see what you need please contact us directly.

The Custom Cupholders "Ashtray Line" offers several styles of uniquely designed, elegant ashtrays for use as cupholder inserts and for vertical mounting applications.  We also offer a simple spacer ring that will adapt an old, 3.00" city bus style ashtray into a 3.25" cupholder.

Custom Cupholders also offers truely unique and high quality Driptrays for galleys, bars and other beverage areas.  Each unit is precisely machined to a customers specifications and includes an easily removable top screen that snaps into place.

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Can I get samples?

Please see our Sample Policy for specific information.


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Can you send me a catalog of all your products?

Currently we do not have a printed catalog as all of our products are shown on this Web site.  We do this so we can quickly update our product line as new products are developed.  Having only a Web catalog is also less expensive; saving money that we can pass on to our customers.  If you need a printed item of one of our products and are not able to print directly from the specific webpage, call us or your local representative and we will be glad to help.

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