Custom Configurations

Two-Piece Mug Style Cupholder

Mug Style Cupholder

Styled to fit Mugs with handles.
• Many different rim styles.
• Full flat or recessed cup area.

Two-Piece Design.
Separate Bottom Cup and Rim.
Full flat cup shown.

Mug Style Cupholder

These Mug Style Cupholders are a two-piece construction that easily permits different finishes on the top appearance rim and on the bottom cup.  They are custom made for your size and depth requirements and are available with a full flat bottom cup or with an additional separate recess at the cup area.  Several different rim styles are availble for you to choose from.  All parts are precisely machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are ready for final polishing and plating.  Bottom cups are available in a black satin powder coat finish at no charge.
Also available in one-piece construction.

**Examples shown with optional plated finishes and with available satin black finish on bottom cups.

Two-Piece Mug Style Cupholder
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s    a n d    P r i c i n g.

These units are custom made at time of order.  Please inquire as to a specific price.
NOTE: Installer is responsible for any installation and certification requirements.

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