S a m p l e    P o l i c y

We would like to be able to give out samples to everyone that asks for them.  But with the high cost of manufacturing and the short production runs of many of our custom products it is just not always possible.  To aid in identifying and presenting our product lines we have added many photos and illustrations to this Web site.  Plus we can supply photo-realistic illustrations and dimensional drawings that will accurately depict any custom item.

We do realize there will always be times when a special, hands-on sample is absolutely required.
For those situations our sample policy is:


Samples that are in stock may be purchased at retail cost.
A full refund will be given if the item is returned within 30 days.


For Credit Approved Customers:
Sample(s) will be sent along with a normal net 30 day invoice.  The sample(s) may be returned within the 30 day period and the invoice will be voided.  Or the item may be kept and the invoice paid when due.
Non-Credit Approved Customers:
Sample(s) will be sent after receipt of payment or sent COD.  A credit payment will be issued upon return of the sample(s).


1. Custom Cupholders Company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time at its discretion.
2. All sample(s) will be shipped by Ground service and charged to the requester's shipping account.
3. Expenses for expedited service and return shipping will be the responsibility of the requester.
4. This policy applies to items in stock only.  Custom items may require a setup and tooling charge.

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