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Vertical Mount Ashtray
VMA1 Style Fits Panels
0.38" and thicker

Vertical Mount Ashtray
VMA2 Style Fits Panels
0.50" and thicker

Flip-up Lid Ashtray
Fits Cupholders
2.75" up to 3.40" ID

Spacer Ring
adapts 2.82" OD
clamshell ashtray to
fit 3.25" ID and
larger Cupholders

Vertical Mount Ashtray
Satin Aluminum

Flip-up Lid Ashtray
Satin Aluminum /
Satin Black

Spacer Ring
Satin Black

Ashtrays for vertical mounting, cupholder inserts and stand-alone Bean Bag.

The distinctive, Vertical Mounted Ashtrays (VMA) are an elegant solution to the requirement on some luxury vehicles for an ashtray at the lavatory entrance.  Both the VMA and the new VMA2 are adaptable to fit panels as thin as .38" (9.5 mm) and their rotating inner receptacles are easily removed for cleaning.

The new Flip-up Lid Ashtray (FLA) insert offers elegance and craftsmanship that matches the refinement found in todays luxury vehicle interiors.  The FLA has a twist-off bottom cup for easy cleaning and a lid that is spring-loaded both open and closed.  Available to fit 2.75", 2.88", 3.00" and 3.25" ID cupholders.  Also available in a Bean Bag configuration in quantity orders.

The spacer ring solves the problem of adapting your old 2.82" OD "city bus" style clamshell ashtray to fit into a 3.25" Dia. cupholder.  It attaches to the ashtray with set screws and has a soft black velcro wrap to provide a snug fit.

Vertical Mount Ashtrays (VMA's)

Vertical Mounted Ashtray - Original Style. 0.38 Bulkhead Shown Vertical Mounted Ashtray - New Style. 0.50 Bulkhead Shown
VMA - Original Style VMA2 - New Style
Flip-up Lid Ashtray Insert (FLA)

Flip-up Lid Ashtray Insert for cupholders. Lid closed. Flip-up Lid Ashtray Insert for cupholders. Lid open.
Removed from cupholder.
Inserted into cupholder.
Spacer Rings

Ashtray Spacer Ring

Adapt an old 2.82" OD "city bus" style clamshell ashtray
to fit into a 3.25" Dia. cupholder.

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