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Double Cupholder - Style #SP-D205S

Two-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #SP-D205S

Drawing not to scale.

The SP-D205S one-piece Double Cupholder is available in combinations of 3 different inside diameters and different depths up to 2.25" deep.
Standard depth is 1.50".

(3.25/3.00DBSP-D205S-1.50 - special order - is shown above.)

Two-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #SP-D203S

**Examples shown with optional plated finishes.

One-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #SP-D205S
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s    a n d    P r i c i n g.


Hole Cut Size***

Inside Diameters

OA Dim.
Width / Length

Rim Height Above Surface




ID Dim. +.12

2.78" / 2.78"

3.28" / 6.31"



please call


ID Dim. +.12

3.03" / 3.03"

3.53" / 6.81"



please call


ID Dim. +.12

3.28" / 3.28"

3.78" / 7.31"



please call

   *Depth is from mounting surface to bottom of cupholder.
    Optional depths available.  Maximum 2.25".
  **Quoted prices are for unplated, satin aluminum finish with no inlay fills.
***Cutout dimensions are approximate and may not include relief for all required areas.
    Minimum quantity order is 8 units.
    Click here for additional information on this CustomCupholder™ product.

These units are custom made.  Please inquire as to the specific Pricing and Part Number for your application.

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