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Double Cupholder - Style #D205S

Two-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #D205

Drawing not to scale.

The D205S style Double Cupholder is available in combinations of 3 different inside diameters and many different depth combinations.  Standard depth is 1.50" but with the use of our unique spacers, 2.88", 4.25" and other optional depths are easily accommodated.  (Each cupholder can be a different depth.)

(2.75/3.00DB-D205S-4.25/1.50 shown above - custom order)

Two-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #D205S

*Examples shown with optional plated finishes and with standard satin black powder coated bottom cups.

Two-Piece - Double Cupholder - Style #D205S
S t a n d a r d    S p e c i f i c a t i o n s


Standard Hole Cut Sizes

Standard Inside Diameters

OA Dim.
Width / Length

Rim Height Above Surface



OA Dim. -.25

2.78" / 2.78"

3.28" / 6.31"




OA Dim. -.25

3.03" / 3.03"

3.53" / 6.81"




OA Dim. -.25

3.28" / 3.28"

3.78" / 7.31"



Depth is from mounting surface to outside bottom of cupholder.
Standard finishes are unplated, satin aluminum.
Bottom cups are available with satin black powder coat finish at no additional charge.
Cutout dimensions are approximate and may not include relief for all required areas.
Combination of different inside diameters are easily accommodated.
Click here for additional information on this CustomCupholder™ product.

These units are custom made.  Please inquire as to the specific Pricing and Part Number for your application.

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